Ferrum Thames Pure Stainless Steel Water Filter 21 Litres

Included Components 2 Ferrum Candles, Tap, Knob, Lower Tank, Upper Tank, Lid
Material Stainless Steel
Part Number FTP21
Purification Method Gravity
Warranty Description 1-year warranty on stainless steel body against manufacturing defects.

** Chemical Free Filtration – The filtration process uses no chemicals making it safe and healthy for you and your family

** No Electricity – The filter uses the gravity-based natural filtration system, so there is absolutely no electricity required.

** No Running Water Required– Thames Pure is a storage water filter hence no running water is required.

** Rust Free Jointless Stainless Steel – Unlike other filters in the market having welded steel sheet tanks, this filter is absolutely welding and joint free leading to no leakage.

** Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean – The filter needs no difficult and costly maintenance like electric water purifiers. It is easy to clean and easy to assemble

** Safe & Healthy Drinking Water – Removes disease-causing Micro-organisms, sediments, Dirt, suspended matter & provides clear, safe, and healthy drinking water.


Ferrum Thames Pure Stainless Steel Water Filter is here to provide safe and healthy drinking water by removing disease-causing micro-organisms, sediments, dirt, suspended matter. The filter uses a chemical-free filtration process by using the Ferrum Candles made of ceramic. Since the ceramic candle filtration is a gravity-based natural filtration system so there is no need for electricity in this product. There is no need for costly, difficult and heavy maintenance for this filter. It is very easy to assemble and easy to clean. The Stainless Steel used to make this filter is absolutely rust-free. The Stainless Steel sheet is absolutely jointless and has no welding. So there are no worries of leakage. There are Four Sizes of this filter available – 21 Litres, 24 Litres, 27 Litres, 30 Litres. This is a 21 Litre model and it needs 2 Candles for filtration and consists of them in the product package. The higher capacity models need 3 Candles and consist of them in the package.




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